Provide professional PG – Promotion Girl in Vietnam

PG A DONG Company is a pioneer company in the field of providing PG and PB in Hanoi, so far PG Asia has been present in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces across the country.

From thousands of PG records, we select through many criteria such as PG friendly , agile, standard weight height, beautiful PG appearance … will meet all requirements of strict PG supply. of customers.

supply 02-wt blue pg
Provide PG exhibition, launch professional products
Palace pg le tan khanh thanh 02-wt
Offers a receptionist PG to welcome guests at exhibition conferences

With many years of experience in the field of PG personnel, we always focus on developing constantly to bring our customers the best quality and professional PG service provider .

Services providing personnel PG of PG A DONG

– Providing a reception for the Opening Ceremony, Khanh Thanh, Khoi Cong, .. 
– Providing PG service for Conferences, Workshops, Press Conference, signing ceremony, .. 
– Supplying PG running Roadshow, PG stand Botth, PG play Slamping, Exchange gifts, .. 
– Provide PG Service for Fair, Exhibition, Car Exhibition, Launch new products, .. 
– Supply PG, Model Fashion show, Take photos Quang Report, .. 
– PG Supply Photographed, PG Model, Make Up, Model Hair, .. 
– PG costumes, Reception, Dresses, Dresses, ..

With many years of experience, we always focus on developing constantly to bring our customers the bestquality PG service .

Supplying PG opening ceremony, inauguration and commencement

Palace pg le tan khanh thanh-wt
Supplying the receptionist PG opened and inaugurated

Provide PG reception, conference, product launch ceremony

The bow is broken and the bar 01-wt
Provide PG to welcome conference and seminar guests

Supplying exhibition shows, PG motoshow and PG launched technology products

Offer 01-wt professional pg
Supply PG launches new products
Supply the pg to the 03-wt
Provide PG professional fair exhibition
Supply 01-wt quickly
Provide PG professional fair exhibition

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PG quality affirms company brand

We understand that when cooperating   with your company to provide PG , bring your image and brand to everyone. A professional PG team is the most important thing your company is aiming for. PG A Dong is committed to  providing PG with the best quality , well-trained and professional PG will surely satisfy you.

– PG team is enthusiastic and responsible

Do not be afraid of difficulties and hardships, always aware of the responsibility of work which is the culture of PG Asia. 
PG team is always active in work, ready in all circumstances will bring maximum efficiency for customers.

– PG is always beautiful and friendly

Beautiful and friendly PG supply will surely be what your company wants, which is also the unique feature of PG Asia. The 
strict selection of PG , always committed to standards, choosing PG with beautiful faces is the factor that creates the quality and prestige of Asia. 
Certainly, the beautiful and friendly PG of PG Asia will be a beautiful image of your company’s brand.

Supply 01-wt trading value
PG is beautiful and friendly

– PG supply service helps increase value for customers

PG Asia provides PG, surely customers will be satisfied. We are confident in that because we have done so and have always done better the next time.

Other services provided by PG A DONG

– Provide photo models, professional models. 
– Providing male and female fashion models, performing professional catwalk, confident. 
– Provide product advertising model at product introduction ceremony, launch ceremony, fair. 
– Provide male and female photo models for events, fashion shops, magazines, etc. 
– Provide models, models for hair shows, art shows, bar, … 
– Provide models, people Sample in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout the Southern provinces such as Vung Tau, Dong Nai and Binh Duong …

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